This is Blind Film

A video production company
freelancing in the camera department
as Director of Photography, Camera Operator & 1st AC

Get up!

With our drone services
you are guaranteed a new perspective
delivered in high resolution, with even higher quality

Stay focused

Whether in terms of optics or in term of your story,
maintaining a sharp focus is key to all storytelling.
That just so happens to be one of our strong suits.

Get struck by lighting

At paramount importance in telling your story,
the art of lighting a scene is of utmost importance.
We always strive to make your shots look absolutely stunning!


Camera Operator

Working under the command of a DP as a single operator, or within a larger crew of operators on bigger productions or live events is a fairly common scenario. As someone who usually operates everything myself I feel more than confident behind the fluid head and the handheld rig of any camera.

 1st Assistant Camera

“If you take care of the equipment, it will take care of you”. I love taking care of equipment, building camera rigs and find solutions to problems. I take great pride in working systematically and efficiently. Pulling sharp focus has always come natural to me, whether operating remotely from the confines of a pursuit vehicle, or more hands on, on the follow focus unit with the comfort of operating close to the camera.

Director of Photography

As a DP I tend to go for a more stylized look, rather than the natural. That means lighting, choosing the right camera body, framerates, angles and movements which resonates with the audience. I like to do productions that go beyond the norm and gives room to play with style, equipment and technique. I like to say my job as a DP is simply to make anything look good on camera, and that is truly what I strive to make happen in every shot I do.

Digital Color Grader

Shooting a great image rarely means shooing a great looking image. Finding the right look for a production, making an image pop and bringing out a whole new level of possibilities within a shot is always satisfying to me. Giving your project that extra edge is often all it takes to really make it stand out amongst the rest!

Top Gear

"Go for a ride with The Stig"
Commercial / Promo


"The psyche will always express itself physically"

Clarion Hotels

"Clarion loves you"


"It's not easy when you're different from the rest"
Music video

Trondheim Cypher

"Some of Trondheim's biggest artists cypher it out"
Promo / Music video


"Professional, responsible, talented and dependable"

Nils Eilif BremdalDirector of Photography

"Torgeir is one of the nicest and most hardworking people on set"

Hallvar WitzøDirector

" An important contributor during the entire production"

Jørgen KlüverDirector of Photography

"The most neat and 'systematized' technical person I've met in my life"

Jon Vu-Yen NguyenFestival director, Bakkefestivalen

"Immediately became a trustworthy member of my camera crew"

Christian FalchProducer

"Flawless technical execution"

Bente MaalenProduction Manager

Drone with us!

We offer drone services in a wide range and variety!
From real estate and private events to commercials and
full scale movie productions, we do them all!

We take our drone missions seriously

Blind Film is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Norway for flying drone missions within the RO1 and RO2 categories. This means that we have extensive training and great understanding about the inner workings of dealing with drones. We are trained in all the formalities and safety aspects that any serious drone pilot need to take into consideration, whatever mission one might be flying.

As according to norwegian law, Blind Film also holds the proper insurances for for operating within the abovementioned categories.

Blind Film operating licence number: NO.RPAS.2981